Integrate donation
experiences, faster.

Integrate donation experiences with a composable SDK and all the components modern nonprofits need, without building from scratch.

Vanilla JS
const DonationWidget = () => {
const { openDonationWidget } = useDonationWidget({
code: 'j1q16MvJl5lqfji06bVFKei3HZkW',
return (
onClick={() => openDonationWidget()}
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About Everfund

Everfund is the dev-first donation platform for modern nonprofits.

Use our composable SDK to take control of all the components needed for donations in modern nonprofit websites, without building from scratch. With our tools, you'll save time learning the complexities of payment systems and integrate donation experiences in the shape modern nonprofits need them so they can focus more on their causes.

Our tools are made for modern web technologies found in the Jamstack, Modern Web frameworks and platforms like WordPress. We handle the backend payment logic so you can integrate faster without building from scratch on top of platforms like Stripe, and focus more on providing nonprofits the best technologies they need to thrive.


We're designing the first set of fundraising and payment tools purpose-built for modern, benevolent web developers in the nonprofit space. Our mission is is to enable modern nonprofits with composable fundraising tools they need to fund their causes and heal the world. We're enabling developers to integreate custom donation experiences faster to fit the growing needs of modern nonprofits and their more complex requirements with full control of the donation experience from the data flow to the UI with the complexities of donation specific payment logic and the backend managed for you.