Getting Started

Everfund’s SDKs makes it possible to setup your donation page in minutes.

Get started by picking a framework:

Getting your Access Key

Access Keys are generated for Website Donation Form Channels on the Everfund Dashboard. After creating the channel you can get your channel access key from the channel’s page.

Installing @everfund/react-sdk

npm install @everfund/react-sdk
yarn install @everfund/react-sdk
pnpm install @everfund/react-sdk

Checkout Modal

The checkout modal is a widget triggered by the Donate Now button.

import { useDonationCheckoutModal } from '@everfund/react-sdk'
import { useState } from 'react'

export const DonateNow = () => {
  const { openModal } = useDonationCheckoutModal({
    code: 'your-access-key',

  return (
    <button className="button" onClick={() => openModal()}>
      Donate Now

Donation Form

The donation form is a widget that can be embedded into your websites page.

import { DonationForm } from '@everfund/react-sdk'

export const App = () => (
    <div>Some content...</div>
      <DonationForm code="your-acess-key" />
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